Forrest Yoga with Aoife Kane

After the success of the Anusara yoga class at Triyoga’s Primrose Hill location which I reviewed below in March, I tried out Triyoga Chelsea. This time I branched out and went to a Forrest yoga class led by the fabulous Aoife Kane. I’d heard of Aoife before as she is affiliated with Lululemon (I LOVE LULU!) and was keen to try a class.  

The low-down: No surprise, the Chelsea branch of Triyoga is a mini version of the beautiful Primrose Hill location. There’s a small shop, café, changing facilities and the studios are huge and bright and spacious and meticulously clean. Because it’s smaller there’s less on offer in terms of classes but it’s still varied enough for even the keenest of yogis. It’s just lovely. But if you are getting there via public transport it’s not really near to any tube stop. It’s about 20 minutes down the King’s Road from Sloane Square which in the sunshine is lovely. I imagine less so on a rainy day.

The class: This was my first Forrest yoga class but definitely not my last. Forrest yoga is a modern variation of Hatha, with emphasis on holding positions and core strength – so a great choice for any pilates practioners out there.  There is an element of flow and it was hard work, particularly as I am still a little out of shape having not regularly practiced in a while but there are variations of each posture so no one gets left behind or frustrated.

What really made the class great though was the teacher. Aoife is a truly fantastic yoga teacher: compassionate, knowledgeable, technically able and full of positive energy. Everything you would expect a yoga teacher to be and frankly, many many yoga teachers out there fall short of this expectation. I would recommend that anyone try her classes, especially yoga newbies.

The USP: I won’t go through the USP of Triyoga for a second time (again, see the March review below). I think the two best features of my Forrest yoga experience were the outstanding teacher, Aoife, and the emphasis on the core. I would thoroughly recommend this class to any pilates bods looking to explore yoga as it offers a logical transition.  

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